– Crafts and embroidery into visual arts

Embroidery in contemporary arts

I do not paint, I embroider. Each canvas is made to offer you a visual and sensitive experience through this medium. My artworks constantly evolve. By your moves, you can make the embroidery moving too. Shines runs through the pattern, in harmony with the environment and with yourself. My work is lively and require humain and intellectual presence to exist, mostly in your mind and in your sensitive memory.

Crafts objects to collect

Art, decoration or collection pieces, my work interrogates the place given to crafts in visual arts. What if an exceptional embroidery, made with old traditional techniques usually used in luxury clothes and accessories, would be hung up into a museum, on a gallery wall, or in the middle of your living-room ? What if this embroidery stood alongside a painting ? What if this embroidery became the painting itself ?

” My artworks are somewhere between art, crafts and design. They are made for crafts and beauty lovers, but also for those who want to experiment visual sensations through art. “

– Julie Barbeau



Some of my artworks is available on Artenobilia website. Artenobilia is a nomadic gallery, specialized in contemporary crafts and exception unique pieces.


2021 / Ateliers d’Art de France Competition – Regional selection – with V artwork
2021 /
Ateliers d’Art de France Competition – Regional selection – with Silver artwork


2020/ Ateliers d’ArtRubrique À Découvrir | Coups de coeur
2020/ Ateliers d’ArtRubrique Événements | à voir, à savoir
2020/ Ouest FranceJulie Barbeau brode comme on peint
2020/ Presse OcéanJulie Barbeau se dévoile à la P’tite Expo
2020/ Dress Me UpLa broderie d’art selon Julie Barbeau